January 2016 Meet Writeup

January 2016 Meet Writeup

First meet at our new venue @CafeBeermoth and its safe to say we enjoyed the good beers on tap after we worked our way through the homebrew.

Welcome Jon

We welcomed Jon (no twitter handle) who attended the meet for the first time. He's been brewing kits for sometime but has decided to start on malt extract with specialty grain recipes. He brought a good Golden Glory clone recipe which was a good beer.

Liverpool Brew Off

In next months meet up we will be pitting our beers against the Liverpool Homebrewing Club (@liv_homebrew). In this meetup we decided which beers will be used. All we have to do now is not drink them prior to the competition! More details follow in an up coming blog post.

Manchester Beer Week?

Connor is organising Manchester Beer Week. It will be interesting to see if part of the week will have a homebrew focus. We hope it does and some ideas were thrown around. A couple of us briefly discussed some possibilities with Connor during Manchester Beer & Cider festival.

Random Discussion & Ideas

  • Top tip: Pre boil measurements for better/consistent efficiency calculations. This will be aided by a refractometer.
  • Discussed and helped one of our members understand how a beer FG finish so high. We worked out that the mash temp must have been too high due to the high strike temperature.
  • For March we should discuss the Stockport beer festival homebrew competition.
  • For April we had the idea of brewing and judging beer to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

Beers In Attendance

Normally we would detail the beers but these are the beers for the upcoming competition so we don't want to give anything away. Just assume they are the top quality beers were in attendance.


Some of us took actions from the meet. As we are typically disorganised (the way we like it) we shall see if we stick to them :)

  • Dave @thealebastard to make us a homebrew group sign for when we are at Cafe Beermoth.
  • Rich @rcaller to brew a mild for the Liverpool brew off.