Events Calendar

This is a public calendar of upcoming Manchester Homebrew Group events, homebrew competitions and beer festivals. Feel free to subscribe to the calendar. If you know of an event that is missing or you have an idea for an event please do drop us an email at

2019 Manchester Homebrew Meetups

  • Jan - Bad Beer Amnesty at Beer Nouveau brewery. Bring your off flavoured beers, beers that just didn't work and crap Christmas beer presents.
  • Feb - Homebrew Lighting Talks (volunteers needed)
  • Mar - Extract Beer Challenge & Introduction To Beer Judging
  • Apr - A talk by Toast
  • May - Beer Clone Challenge - Brewery TBC
  • Jun - Homebrew Expo Prep & Swap Will It Brew Ingredients
  • Jul - Yeast Challenge (same beer different yeast)
  • Aug - TBC
  • Sep - Will It Brew Challenge
  • Oct - Beer Clone Challenge - Brewery TBC
  • Nov - Brew A Wine Challenge
  • Dec - Christmas Social

Note: The calendar is subject to change as we try to schedule breweries for the beer clone challenges.

Note: We've outlined a lot of brewing challenges for 2019. Don't worry if you haven't brewed for the challenge still come along. Everyone is welcome.

2019 Other Homebrew & Beer Events