Homebrew Expo 2019 - Announcement

Manchester’s Homebrew Expo is back for its FOURTH year!
But due to things outside our control this year’s Homebrew Expo will be later than usual, on Sunday 4th August at Beer Nouveau Brewery Tap (75 North Western Street) from 12 noon until 6pm.

This event is a showcase of the best beers brewed by amateur brewers from across Manchester and the North. A chance to dispel the myth that home-brewed beer is cheap, nasty, boring, brown, warm, flat and a waste of your time, by serving a full range of styles on bottle, cask and keg.

Each year we’ve tweaked the set-up slightly, and following the showing from Chorlton Homebrewers last year we’re making another change this year. Rather than inviting every homebrewer to pour their beers all afternoon, we’re inviting the clubs to run a “bar” showcasing a range of styles and strengths just as if they were to open up a craft venue for the weekend. So while there may not be the previous couple of hundred different beers available at all times, with rotations during the day there will still be that amazing number, but we think that a more focused offering will help drinkers see what can be done in kitchens and garages across the country. Plus it’ll allow more of the brewers to spend time the right side of the bar, tasting and enjoying other’s beers!

So come and join us for an afternoon discovering just how good home brewed beer can be!
And if you’re in a club and want a bar at the event, get in touch as soon as possible so we can fit you in!