Scottish Beer with Ron Pattinson - Sunday 2nd April

Scottish Beer with Ron Pattinson - Sunday 2nd April

As part of his Macbeth Tour, beer historian will be coming to Manchester on Sunday April 2nd to talk to homebrewers, brewers and beer enthusiasts about the misconceptions surrounding Scottish beer.

Hosted at Beer Nouveau in conjunction with Manchester Homebrew and Chorlton Brewers groups, Ron will be tasting some samples of Shilling Ales recreated from recipes of the 1800's and taking us through how the beer style evolved over the century before dying out.

Get Involved

If you're a homebrewer and wish to try brewing some of these historic recipes for this event, please get in thouch as soon as possible so that we can get your name down!

Recipe List

Full list details:

Beer Nouveau1879William Younger50/-
Beer Nouveau1879William YoungerS 50/-
Simon1879William YoungerH 60/-
Matt1879William Younger80/-
Alex1879William Younger100/-
 1879William Younger120/-
 1879William Younger140/-
Rich1879William Younger160/-
Mark1885Thomas Usher100/-
Craig1885Thomas Usher80/-
 1885Thomas Usher60/-B
Sam1885Thomas Usher40/-B
 1885Thomas Usher68/-M
Andrew1894Thomas Usher100/-
David1894Thomas Usher80/-


Steve is going to order in a bale of Cluster and Spisselspalt, He's got Fuggles and Goldings in already, as well as a sack or two of standard pale malt, so you can get the malt/hops in the exact quantities you need directly from him if you wish, rather than being left with some you're not likely to use again. Also, he's almost certainly going to be cheaper, especially when you take delivery into account.

Ron Patterson

You can find Ron on Twitter and his blog:

Thanks Steve

Just days ago Ron Pattinson called out on his blog with the hope of setting up some Scottish-themed events in the UK. Steve from Beer Nouveau has done a great job at securing his time and putting this on for us all. Cheers!