January 2016 Meetup New Venue

January 2016 Meetup New Venue

New Venue

We have had a quick discussion with members and it has been decided that we will move our meetup to Cafe Beermoth. We've loved being at @thebeermoth bottle shop but feel that the new @CafeBeermoth is a better venue and will help new members to find us.

For those that don't know Cafe Beermoth recently opened in December and the address is 40 Spring Gardens M2 1EN. If you get lost just tweet one of us and we will help you out.

Homebrewers of All Levels

We just wanted to remind everyone that we are a group for all levels. So come along!

  • Interested in homebrewing but don't know where to start?
  • Want feedback on your latest brews?
  • Just received a homebrew kit for Christmas and have a ton of questions?
  • Been brewing kits for a while and want to take a step up?
  • Questions about Extract Kits, BIAB or Full Mash?
  • Just want to be around like minded homebrewers?
  • Want to start your own brewery but want some pointers? (we've had a few members startup over the past couple of years)

Liverpool Brew Off Reminder

A quick reminder to members to bring a good range of beers for this meetup as we should hopefully be deciding which beers we want to pit against the Liverpool Homebrewing Club (@liv_homebrew) in Febuary.